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"I have to say that you are a bit of an inspiration. Your achievements and the like have made me confident that I can do what I put my heart and mind to."

Michael McCormick

Los Angeles Film School Classmate

"I was so very grateful for the care and professionalism that Shaun Pulsifer had for making the film Entity. I felt a little vulnerable as this was our family story, what I considered an heirloom, and I was so relieved with the result. I, as well as my siblings, were included and informed in all aspects of development. It was well organized, and I felt the entire cast and crew were respectful and professional.

I was very proud of the film as it made its way through film festivals on big screens around the world. To finally see it on the big screen in Hollywood was something that I was proud to point to. The finished product was well polished, and I know it was Shaun's leadership and professionalism that brought it to this point."

Leslie Graham Gonzales

Executive Producer (Entity)

"Shaun joined the Stream Team at Friends Church in the midst of transitioning to live streaming during the pandemic. He was instrumental in helping us refine and improve the quality of our stream, both in terms of live mixing, but also setting up the cameras.  His skills and training at The Los Angeles Film School have been invaluable to us during the building phase of the project, and ongoing.  We still rely on his experience and training when changing anything regarding our cameras, mixing or lighting.  We are very fortunate to benefit from his experience and training!"

Vince Klassen

Co-Lead Pastor, Friends Church

"I have worked with Shaun on a few different projects. Considering that the majority of his projects have won awards, you can expect nothing less than true professionalism and an eye for detail in all his work. In addition, his calm demeanor makes everyone on set feel right at home. He takes the time to listen to everyone, there is no sense of hierarchy on his sets, and he treats everyone in the team as a valued member.

When you work with Shaun, it doesn't feel like you're working, and yet, at the end of the day, you will have accomplished a lot, and you can't help but feel proud of what you've done. More recently, Shaun was able to take an idea of mine, add some of his own flavors to it, and turn it into a visually appealing and award-winning product."

Koen Aerts


“Shaun Pulsifer is an amazing director. He is very fun to work with, he is kind and energetic, and he always has a smile on his face. Shaun has amazing ideas, knows how to direct and move production along, and helps out where needed. Shaun is respectful and understanding, and I highly recommend him for any projects you are working on.”

Ryley Avery

Makeup Artist (Entity)

"Shaun is a well-rounded director who fosters creativity and vision on his projects. He has an eye for talent and he works collaboratively with his cast and crew in a way where everyone feels respected and valued. From planning to production, he has a way of listening to ideas, writing a compelling script and applying his technical prowess to the set. He inspires his cast while giving clear direction. It was a pleasure to work with him on a 24 hour film challenge and I would love to assist him on his future projects."

Mario Giguère

President, Alberta Ghostbusters

"Shaun Pulsifer doesn't just love Sci-Fi. He knows it inside and out, and his writing reflects this. When it comes to making films, he knows what he wants and how to communicate it. No matter the genre, I am confident in his abilities to bring together a team and make the project happen."

David Andrew Wiebe


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