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My Story

"Storytelling is more than my passion; it's a calling!"

- Shaun T. Pulsifer

I am an experienced freelance Director, Writer, and Producer who founded Pathfinder Entertainment, a film and television production firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Filmmaking from the Los Angeles Film School and graduated with a Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.

Driven by a calling for storytelling, I take pride in providing the best visual story possible. My goals as a filmmaker include the following:

  • Shaping unique visions into a work that excites people.

  • Bringing sustainable production methods to the Alberta film industry.

  • Developing resources to aid the industry's growth here in Alberta and Canada.

  • Consulting for other filmmakers to provide insight into their projects and goals.

In addition to my primary job as a manager at Canada's largest theatre chain, Cineplex, I volunteer at Friends Church as a Live Stream Tech and with The Alberta Ghostbusters. I also am presently serving as Secretary of the Green Party of Alberta Executive Council.

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"Dreams are realities that have yet to be made manifest."

Shaun T. Pulsifer

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Shaun T. Pulsifer Full Sail University Mastery Journal

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Easter Sunday
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